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2B 3/4" Clean Stone is a specific type of aggregate material that is commonly used in construction projects. It is a crushed stone product that is made from a combination of limestone and dolomite and has a maximum particle size of 3/4 inches. It is characterized by its clean and uniform appearance, with minimal dust and fines. This makes it ideal for use as a top layer for driveways, walkways, and as a drainage stone. It is also used in landscaping and garden beds to provide a decorative touch and for drainage. Because of its clean and uniform appearance, it is also used for architectural projects such as walls and steps. The 2B 3/4" Clean Stone is also known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear, making it suitable for high-traffic areas or heavy loads.

Delivery Dates are subject to change due to Material Availability and Weather Conditions.

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Customer Reviews

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Kathryn Lucanese
Stone delivery

I have a super long driveway and the driver was 100% PRO!
Backed all the way down, dropped the stone right where we needed it!

Nicholas Heim
Great product, great price

Delivered on time exactly were asked to deliver. Third delivery from them of various products this past week and all have been just as expected. Will use every year for our lawn!

Great service

So easy to order and work with. Have used them multiple times and never have had any issues.

Product good, delivery expensive

Stone as described and good price. Delivery was convenient and placed where I needed it…but, delivery charge was really expensive considering it was less than 3miles. I needed it, no truck, had to bite the bullet on that $80 charge to deliver $70 of stone 2.5miles. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Verry satisfied with the entire purchase process

Great experience, this company will be my go to place. The entire process from online scheduling to delivery was very organized and timely. After placing my order and selecting my delivery date online I checked back with them on the status if we're still on my scheduled date and they responded to my email almost immediately Also, the driver was very accommodating and polite. Very happy with the entire experience. Great job.