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1"- 3" River Stone

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1"-3" Delaware River Stone also known as "River Jack". 1"-3" Delaware River Stone is a natural stone product that is typically used for decorative landscaping and garden beds, as well as for construction projects such as drainage systems and creek beds. The stone is gathered from the Delaware River and is known for its unique and varied color and texture, which can range from shades of gray, blue, and green.

The stone is characterized by its size, which ranges from 1 inch to 3 inches in diameter, making it ideal for use as a decorative accent in landscaping and garden beds, as well as for use as a drainage stone in construction projects. It can also be used for architectural projects such as walls and steps. The natural color variations and textures of the Delaware River stone can add character and interest to any landscaping or construction project.

Delivery Dates are subject to change due to Material Availability and Weather Conditions.

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